About Kalina

Hello!!! My name is Kalina, Kalina Dawn Denault to be exact. I'm a small town girl who enjoys taking photographs, playing with my dog Boe, drinking white wine and eating candy. Who doesn't love dogs, white wine and candy... Am I right?


Hey, Whatsup, Hello!!!

This is my dog Boe! He’s my sidekick. You can call him Boe Bear, Boediddly, Bobo, Boedid, whatever ya feel like. He’s pretty chill.

The majority of the time you can find me shooting, editing, teaching people how to market their businesses or brainstorming some new creative shoot ideas that I want to come to life. Oh, and eating candy, more specifically, Life Saver gummies.

School you say? I went to Red River College and took Marketing! Best decision of my life was to go into business as it has taught me so many things that I can teach others and apply to my business. Yes, I am a self taught photographer. Check out some of my work below!


I'm known for being that enthusiastic person who will dive right into anything that is thrown my way. Whether that may be a new project or task, I am all for it! I am also known for having a huge heart for animals, if I could adopt all the dogs in the world I would. Unfortunately I am allergic to shedding dogs so that won't work out for me. Go adopt a furry new friend, you won't regret it!

When I'm not busy working you can catch me hanging out with my friends and family, online shopping (anyone else have this problem? Raise your hand if you're addicted just like I am), dancing and singing in the car (like errryyyday!!!), watching tv shows and of course cuddling Boe. If you know me (which I feel like we could be best friends by now if you've read all of this), you'd know that a car ride is basically a full on musical performance by yours truly. 


Since you've made it this far and I know you're dying to know more about me, heres 3 more:

  • I am a Manitoban girl who is originally from Ottawa, ON.

  • I am bilingual. Went to French Immersion school.

  • My favourite colours are maroon, red & rust.


Wow, you're still here! If you’re interested in finding out more information about my sessions or wedding photography, click the button below and lets get connected!